life care

Life Care

Give your family guaranteed peace of mind

We all know that anything can happen in life. So Life Care is a life insurance plan that gives you guaranteed annual cash back and bonuses as well as a financial safety net to protect you and your family against the worst happening.

Key benefits of the plan

  • You’ll receive a 10% increase* in coverage every five years
  • We’ll pay you 2% cash back* every year after 10 years
  • There are investment bonuses in good performance years after three years
  • Your coverage pays a lump sum up to USD 10 million

*Of the initial coverage

Extra benefits

  • You’ll receive a cash sum and annual pay-outs for permanent total disability
  • Your family will receive a cash sum and annual pay-outs for your accidental death
  • We’ll waiver premiums if you’re disabled

And for greater your financial flexibility, we offer policies that you can pay for in USD, Euros or GBP, just decide which you prefer when you apply.

Product features

Question Answer
Is it designed to help cover a mortgage?
  • Yes
Is it designed to provide a lump sum for loved ones?
  • Yes
Does the amount of coverage stay the same for the duration of the plan?

Life insurance coverage increases by 10% every 5 years

Is it designed to have an investment opportunity?

2% guaranteed annual cash back from the 10th policy year

How long does the coverage last?
  • Up to age 100
Can you put the plan in trust?
  • No
Is terminal illness benefit included?
  • No
Is critical illness coverage included?
  • No
Can you choose the amount of coverage?

Up to USD 10 million

Can you increase the amount of coverage during the plan terms?

You may increase the coverage amount after 2nd policy year or reduce it after the 5th policy year

Can you get joint coverage?
  • No
Are both men and women eligible?
  • Yes
How much will it cost?
  • You decide this
  • More

Premium varies based on age, gender and payment period

Can I pay in multiple currencies?

available in USD

What is the age eligibility?
  • From age 20 to 65 years
How do you apply?

Send us a request through our 'Contact us' page and a MetLife representative will get back to you

Taking care of your loved ones

With Life Care, you have access to a life insurance plan which provides you and your loved ones with guaranteed lifelong protection as well as an increasing cash value that will help your family's dreams come true.

Guaranteed cash values and increasing life insurance benefit

Your life insurance benefit is guaranteed to increase by increments of 10% of the initial life coverage amount every 5 years. Overtime, your life insurance can increase up to 200% of your initial life coverage regardless of your health condition during that period.


At a glance

  • Life coverage up to USD 10 million offers peace of mind to you and your loved ones
  • Increasing life insurance coverage every 5 years while your premium will never change
  • 2% of the initial basic life coverage as a guaranteed annual cash-back
  • Bonuses credited to your account when investment performance is good
  • Accident death and permanent disability coverage included
  • Waiver of premium on disability


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