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Protect your furry friend, one paw at a time.

Unleash Peace of Mind with MetLife: Protecting Your Furry Friends from the Ruff Stuff, One Wag at a Time!

Why MetLife Pet Insurance? 

Because life with pets is full of surprises! From playful accidents to unexpected health issues, our furry friends keep us on our toes. With MetLife Pet Insurance, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what mischief they get into, we’ve got your back. Our coverage ensures they receive the best care possible, so you can focus on making memories together. To discover a list of our vet network partners in UAE, click the button below.

What’s Covered

What’s not covered: Metlife Pet insurance is here for you and your furry friend for the unexpected accidents and illnesses they may experience in their lifetime. Routine and preventive care, pre-existing conditions, or elective procedures such as some devices and cosmetic procedures are not covered. For more information, you can reach us at If you are an existing customer, we recommend reading your policy document for additional details. 

Pet Insurance – How It Works

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Examples of how premiums work.

Luna - Siberian Husky – 2 years

Coverage Limit & Coverage %

20,000 (100% coverage)



Monthly Premium (Before VAT)


Sheru - Bengal Cat – 4 years

Coverage Limit & Coverage %

5,000 (80% coverage)



Monthly Premium (Before VAT)


*Examples only. Actual cost may vary.

Dogs between 6 months - 8 years old and have a microchip. Cats between 6 months - 10 years old and havea microchip.

It is the amount you can claim in vet bills per year and it can be up to AED 30,000.

Premium represents the amount of money you pay. This product has a yearly plan that can be paid monthly or annually.

The deductible is the initial out-of-pocket amount you pay each year before insurance coverage starts. Choose a deductible amount, between AED 0- AED 9000, to determine your liability before coverage begins.

The covered percentage rate is the proportion by which an insurance company compensates the policy holder for expenses incurred. The covered percentage can be customized between 50% - 100%.

Submitting Your Pet Insurance Claim is Simple

MetLife has partnered with MedNet to bring you financial protection for your furry friend. Before proceeding, ensure your vet is on our vet network list.

We can help handle the vet bill. You handle the belly rubs.


We’re always ready to help.  

Please email us your questions about deductibles, claims, coverages and more to or fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as pawssible. 

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