Customer stories

Delivering on our promise to you

At MetLife, taking care of beneficiaries and delivering on our promise is probably one of the most important things we do.

Below are true testimonials received from genuine people who have benefited from our support when it was most needed.

While each story is unique, the outcome revolves around one common denominator:

MetLife’s ability to deliver on its promises.

The names in the short stories have been altered for privacy reasons.

unable to work

Income if you are unable to work

Anna and George want to continue having an income if they can no longer work due to disability

critical illness

Support during unexpected illnesses

Priya and Sunil don't want to use their savings to pay for expensive treatment

we are humans

A fair outcome

His claim was re-evaluated and approved

full entitlement

They were entitled for more...

She was entitled for more & got it

understand your suffering

Planning for the unexpected

After suffering from a critical illness, he remained in denial

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