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Health Cover Abroad

Breakthrough access to worldwide specialist care, like never before.

If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, you want the best treatment available. It’s incredibly common to seek treatment abroad whether or not it is covered by insurance – in fact, this figure is raising by 10% annually*. We’re committed to offering you the best worldwide specialist care as a standalone solution or on top of your MetLife solution; Health Cover Abroad is a comprehensive healthcare plan that supports you through your entire critical illness treatment from diagnosis to recovery.

  • Cover against 6 critical illnesses (cancer, bone marrow transplant, live donor organ transplant, treatment of benign brain tumor, coronary artery bypass surgery and heart valve surgery)
  • Receive treatment/surgery in the best hospitals around the world with medicines paid for to take back home (Countries under International Sanction are not covered)
  • Flights and accommodation are covered for you and a companion, so there is no need to travel alone.
  • Translator will be provided in case you don’t speak the language.

Coverage starts from USD 250 a year (0.69 cents per day)

Want to know more? Download the product brochure to explore all the benefits and understand the fine print.

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*Federal National Council Health and Environment Committee, 2018.