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Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the distribution of healthrelated services and information via electronic information and telecommunication technologies. It allows long-distance patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.

Why should I call a telehealth provider? Collapsed Expanded

Considering the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, if you or your child are not feeling well and you are covered under MetLife medical policy, you can have access to quick, convenient, and confidential medical advice over the phone without having to go to the hospital for an initial consultation.

MetLife is closely working with providers to ensure accessibility to telehealth services through our network base.

In the UAE, telehealth is provided through three channels: Collapsed Expanded
  1. Independent telehealth providers.
  2. Healthcare providers, such as hospitals and private clinics, who provide these services for their patients, by connecting them directly with healthcare experts.
  3. Governments who provide telehealth services to specific segments of the community, or for specific reasons (i.e.: the UAE government has set up a hotline for medical questions related to Coronavirus (COVID-19).
What telehealth services does MetLife offer today? Collapsed Expanded
  • TruDoc 24x7: If your employer has selected TruDoc 24x7 as a benefit under the MetLife plan, you can learn more about these services below.
  • A list of the healthcare providers that have confirmed telehealth services are listed below, and MetLife is contracted to provide these services with these providers. Contact your provider to find out if these services can be provided to you.
S.NO Hospital Name Country  Emirates Contact Details  Telehealth  Video Call Medicine Delivery  Medicine Refill Sample Collection
1 Mediclinic Group UAE Dubai Mediclinic Dubai- 800-1999 X     X  
Mediclinic, AUH-  800- 2000 X X   X  
Mediclinic, AUH-  800- 2000 X X   X  
Mediclinic, AUH-  800- 2000 X X   X  
2 American Hospital UAE Dubai 04-377 5500
X X X    
3 Prime Clinics  UAE Dubai 04-7070777 X   X    
4 Health Hub Clinics UAE Dubai 800 2344 X X X X  
5 Unicare  UAE Dubai 04-3529292 X   X X  
6 GHI Group Of Clinics UAE Dubai Amber Rigga Clinic 04-2309100 X   X X  
Dr Joseph Karama Clinic 04-3378828  
Dr Joseph Qusais Clinic 04-2636767  
Al Noor Deira Clinic 04-2233324  
Al Noor Satwa Clinic 04-3498100  
7 Prime Hospital  UAE Dubai 04-7070777 X   X    
8 Kings College Hospital Dubai UAE Dubai 04-5199999 04-2477777 X   X   X
9 Aster Hospital, Bur Dubai UAE Dubai 04 4400500 X   X   X
10 Aster Hospital, Al Qusais UAE Dubai 04 4400500 X   X   X
11 Anglo- Arabian Healthcare UAE Dubai Amina Hospital 06 7114444 X X X X X
Amina Medical Center 06 7114444
Sharjah Corniche Hospital 06 7114444
Ibin Sina Medical Center 06 7114444
Doctors Medical Center 06 7114444
12 International Modern Hospital, Dubai UAE Dubai 04 4063000 X   X X  
13 Neuro Spinal Hospital, Dubai UAE Dubai 04 3420000
04 3157700
X     X  
14 Aster Group of Clinics UAE Dubai Aster Clinics- 04400500 X   X    
Aster Plus Clinics- 04400500
Access Clinics- 04400500 X   X    
15 Avivo Group UAE Dubai 800- 28486 X   X X X
16 Dubai London Hospital & Clinics UAE Dubai 800- 352 X   X X  
17 NMC GROUP UAE Abu Dhabi NMC Specialty Hospital LLC- 026332255 / 800-662 X        
Abu Dhabi NMC Royal Family Medical Center LLC - 026911500  X        
Abu Dhabi NMC Royal Womens Hospital LLC- 025082000 / 800-7676 X        
Al Ain New Medical Centre Specialty Hospital LLC- 037555999
Al Ain New Medical Center LLC – Branch of Abu Dhabi 2-  037044700 / 800-7030 X        
Abu Dhabi NMC Royal Hospital LLC - 022035000 / 800-1122 X        
Abu Dhabi NMC Royal Medical Center LLC- 02 497 8463
Abu Dhabi NMC Family Medical Center LLC- 02 – 513 3111,
 800 2224
Abu Dhabi Ruwais Hospital - 800-7267 X        
Dubai NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Nahda- 04 2679999 / 800-6624 X        
Dubai NMC Royal Hospital LLC-DIP1- 04 8108800 / 800-313 X        
Dubai New Medical Center Hospital- 04 2689800 X        
18 Emirates Healthcare Group UAE Dubai Emirates Hospital LLC -800 444 444 X X X X  
Dubai Emirates Hospital Day Surgery And Medical Center- 04-8716900 X X X X  
Dubai Emirates Hospitals & Clinics LLC Branch, CONRAD- 04-3728877  X X X X  
Dubai Emirates Hospitals Clinics Business Bay LLC- 04-3683813 X X X X  
Dubai Emirates Hospitals & Clinics LLC Branch,MARINA 20- 04-5200500 X X X X  
Dubai Emirates Hospitals & Clinics LLC Branch, MARINA 27- 04-5200500 X X X X  
Dubai Emirates Specialty Hospital- 04-2484500 X X X    
19 Cleveland Group UAE Abu Dhabi Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi- 800 8 2223 X X X X  
20 Orthosports Medical Center UAE Dubai Orthosports Medical Center- 04-3450601 X     X  
21 VPS Group UAE Dubai Medeor Hospital, Dubai- 800- 55 X   X    
Abu Dhabi BURJEEL HOSPITAL LLC - Abu Dhabi - 800 - 55 X   X    
BURJEEL MEDICAL CENTRE L.L.C. - Abu Dhabi - 800 - 55 X   X    
BURJEEL MEDICAL CENTER AL SHAMKHA L.L.C. - Abu Dhabi - 800 - 55 X   X    
BURJEEL MEDICAL CENTRE ( YAS MALL ) L.L.C. - Abu Dhabi - 800 - 55 X   X    
BURJEEL MEDICAL CENTRE ALZEINA L.L.C. - Abu Dhabi - 800 - 55 X   X    
BURJEEL DAY SURGERY CENTER L.L.C - Abu Dhabi - 800 - 55 X   X    
LIFECARE HOSPITAL .LLC - BRANCH 1 - Abu Dhabi - 800 - 55 X   X    
MARINA HEALTH PROMOTION CENTER L.L.C. - Abu Dhabi - 800 - 55 X   X    
MEDEOR 24X7 HOSPITAL - L.L.C. - Abu Dhabi - 800 - 55 X   X    
LIFECARE HOSPITAL L.L.C. - Abu Dhabi - 800 - 55 X   X    
Al Ain MEDEOR 24X7 INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL L.L.C. - Al Ain - 800 - 55 X   X    
BURJEEL MEDICAL CENTRE BARARI L.L.C. - Al Ain - 800 - 55 X   X    
22 Zulekha Group UAE Dubai Zulekha Hospital, Dubai- 600524442 X   X    
UAE Sharjah Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah- 600524442 X   X    
23 Thumbay Group UAE UAQ Thumbay Clinic, UAQ- 0501581961 X        
24 Healthbay Clinics UAE Dubai Toll Free numbe 8004272  X X      
25 Valiant Clinic  UAE Dubai 800 8254268 X X      
26 Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital UAE Abu Dhabi Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital- 024177222 X X      
27 Dar Al Shifa Kuwait Kuwait 180-2555 X X X X X
28 KIMS Oman Oman Oman X X X X X
29 Royal Bahrain Hospital Bahrain Bahrain 97317246800 X X X X X
30 Al Hayat Medical Center Qatar Qatar 97444297289 X   X    
31 Aster Group Qatar Qatar Dr. Moopen's Aster Hospital - 00974-44440499, WhatsApp 00974-74799300 X   X    
ASTER Medical Centre- Al Rafa Polyclinic  - 00974-44440499, WhatsApp 00974-74799300
ASTER Medical Centre- Al Rafa Poly clinic- Industrial Area    - 00974-44440499, WhatsApp 00974-74799300
ASTER Medical Centre Plus-Medcare Clinic- Al Hilal - 00974-44440499, WhatsApp 00974-74799300
ASTER Medical Centre- Al Rafa Poly Clinic - Al Khor - 00974-44440499, WhatsApp 00974-74799300
ASTER Medical Centre- WellCare Poly Clinic- Al Rayyan - 00974-44440499, WhatsApp 00974-74799300
Aster Medical Centre Plus-Al Rafa Poly Clinic- C Ring Road - 00974-44440499, WhatsApp 00974-74799300
ASTER Medical Centre - Al Rafa Poly Clinic - AlGhanim - 00974-44440499, WhatsApp 00974-74799300
32 Al Malakiya Clinics Qatar Qatar 97444440116/7/8 X        
33 Allevia Medical Center-Al Wukair Qatar Qatar 97444412999 X X X    
33 Doha Healthcare Qatar Qatar Future Medical - 00974-50353893 X        
Apollo Clinic - 00974-55015882
Esraa Poly - 00974-66777991
Esraa Medical - 00974-33389811
Atlas Medical Centre - 00974-33853222
34 Al-Ahli Hospital Doha Qatar 97444898888 X        
35 KIMS Qatar Medical Centre Doha Qatar Call Center : 4020-7100, Whatsapp No: 5026-8844          
What is TruDoc 24x7? Collapsed Expanded

TruDoc 24x7, combines next-generation telemedicine, telemonitoring and home health to provide you with immediate access to highly trained, licensed doctors and wellness experts for healthy, acute and chronic condition management and advice via voice/video calls, live chat as well as on-site doctor visits and clinics.
You can talk to our full-time doctors and wellness experts from anywhere in the world, whether you are at home, at the office, on a business trip or on vacation.

TruDoc 24x7 provides consumers with a true 24x7 population health management solution.

Am I eligible for TruDoc 24x7 services? Collapsed Expanded

Being a MetLife member does not automatically make you eligible for TruDoc 24x7, this is an option that is electively chosen by your employer. The member needs to check with their HR or Admin department for eligibility. However, if a member is eligible, they can follow these simple steps to start enjoying TruDoc 24x7 services right away.

How to download and use the TruDoc 24x7 mobile application? Collapsed Expanded

Download the app on the App Store or Google Play or contact 800 878 362 (TRUDOC) for assistance.

  • Step 1 - On the application:

➾ Enter your mobile number and a verification code will be sent to you by SMS

➾ Enter the verification code received

➾ Add email and password and accept terms and conditions

  • Step 2 - Select “provided by my payer”
  • Step 3 - Enter Emirates ID & Date of Birth and click “Continue” and start using the application
What if I don’t have TruDoc 24x7? Am I eligible for telehealth services through the MetLife network of providers? Collapsed Expanded

Currently, our network provider(s) are equipped and licensed by the regulator to provide telehealth services to our members. The network and access will be based on the network type/category. Please check your network type on your membership card.

What are the UAE coronavirus (COVID-19) government hotlines? Collapsed Expanded
  • UAE citizens and residents have access to government hotlines related to coronavirus (COVID-19), provided at the numbers below:


        a. Istijaba – Department of Health: 8001717

        b. Ministry of Health and Prevention: 80011111

        c. Dubai Health Authority: 800342

How do telehealth consultations work? Collapsed Expanded

Please note the below process is for illustration purposes only. Some providers’ processes can and may differ from the below.

  • The member to call the dedicated contact number to schedule a telehealth appointment.
  • During the call, the member needs to have their Emirates ID and insurance policy details on hand for eligibility validation.
  • The member’s consent is required in order to proceed with the service.
  • The member explains the reason for the call, and is accordingly allocated to a healthcare professional.
  • The member is given an appointment, whereby they must make the payment (patient share) prior to the appointment.
  • If a prescription is required, an electronic one will be issues accordingly via SMS.
  • The pharmacy will contact the member, confirming dispatch options.
  • The Pharmacy payment (patient share) will be collected at time of delivery.
  • All services are subject to policy terms, conditions and limits.
How do I pay for the telehealth consultation? Collapsed Expanded

Once a member calls the respective telehealth network provider and accepts to proceed with a consultation, the provider will give two payment options.

  1. A payment link will be sent, and the member can pay online, or
  2. Payment can be collected in cash at the time of medication delivery.


The member’s payment is based on your plan type, and this could be either cost share or deductible subject to policy terms conditions and limits.