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We’re here to help you protect what matters most

We know how hard you work to build a better life for the people you love. We’re here to help you protect their future. At MetLife, we offer innovative investment and insurance solutions that help you ensure your loved one’s lives and goals are always protected.

Protecting your children’s future

Life insurance can also help you create wealth.
Watch Karim’s story and learn how MetLife can help you invest in your children’s education and protect their future in the years to come.

The support you need, when you need it most

Life insurance can offer more than just protection against unexpected loss of life.
Watch George and Marie’s story and learn more about Health Cover Abroad, this innovative benefit provides worldwide specialist care.

Taking care of mum and dad

You can protect your family at any age.
Watch Shweta’s story and learn how we can help you ensure you’re always there to protect your loved ones, and provide for their future, no matter what life brings.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance

Flexible insurance solutions to help you protect your family’s future. We offer Live Life, Future Protect and Decreasing Term.

Savings & Investments
Savings & Investments

No matter where life is taking you, we’ve got you a solution to support your saving needs. We offer Wealth Plus and Wealth Builder.

In the Gulf, we don’t just offer direct insurance, but we also partner with local banks and retailers to provide the best in service and consultation. For more information on our innovative protection solutions, please contact MetLife or your preferred bank and financial advisor.