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Saving for your retirement

"Hi - I'm Peter. I'm married to Gillian with two teenage children and we live in a large villa in Dubai.

Knowing the kids are all almost ready to leave home and go to college it's time for us to start thinking about our future and our retirement. I'm working for the same company that I started with 14 years ago which I enjoy, and although my wife doesn't work, we have a reasonable level of savings. My job has taken me all over the world but I'd like to be able to visit some of those places again when I retire. This time though, I'll be able to take my wife so that we can both enjoy the experiences.

We want to make sure that the savings and investments we make in the next few years give us a comfortable retirement, without eating into money we'd like to leave for the children – and, with any luck, the grandchildren too!"

Planning for the future

Reaching your financial goals depends very much on your ability to save while you work. Whether it’s for a wonderful retirement, a lavish wedding, a special holiday or starting a family, you’re never too young to start saving and making the most of your money. Whatever your dreams for the future are, we can help you start planning for them now.