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My child's education

"Hello, I'm Anita. My husband Sajan and I moved to the UAE recently with our four-year-old son, Ashwin. He's showing all the signs of being pretty bright and we're keen to give him as many opportunities as possible.

Therefore, I'd like to send Ashwin to a college in the US or the UK, even though it's going to be expensive for us to send him abroad. Sajan has made sure that we have a sound investment portfolio, but I know that the financial market can have its ups and downs. So, I'd like to start putting aside some money in a secure investment, separately from Sajan's investments, to make sure that Ashwin gets the best education possible."

Planning for the future

Reaching your financial goals depends very much on your ability to save while you work. Whether it’s for a wonderful retirement, a lavish wedding, a special holiday or starting a family, you’re never too young to start saving and making the most of your money. Whatever your dreams for the future are, we can help you start planning for them now.