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Term Life Insurance

Give your family the gift of security

The simplest way to make sure your family is looked after if you’re not there is to provide a cash lump sum for them. With our term life insurance you can tailor your plan to suit your needs. And for your greater financial flexibility, we offer policies that you can pay for in USD, Euros or GBP, just decide which you prefer when you apply.

Key benefits of the plan

  • You’ll receive coverage up to USD 5 million
  • You can add accident or disability coverage
  • You can choose a term of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years
  • You can pay premiums monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually

Product features

Question Answer
Is it designed to help cover a mortgage?
  • Yes
Is it designed to provide a lump sum for loved ones?
  • Yes
Does the amount of coverage stay the same for the duration of the plan?
  • Yes
Is it designed to have an investment opportunity?
  • No
How long does the coverage last?
  • You decide this
  • More

5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years

Can you put the plan in trust?
  • No
Is terminal illness benefit included?
  • No
Is critical illness coverage included?
  • No
Can you choose the amount of coverage?

Up to USD 5 million, GBP 3 million or EURO 4 million

Can you increase the amount of coverage during the plan terms?
  • No
Can you get joint coverage?
  • No
Are both men and women eligible?
  • Yes
How much will it cost?
  • You decide this
  • More

Minimum annual premium is USD 200, GBP 120 or EURO 160

Can I pay in multiple currencies?


What is the age eligibility?
  • From age 20 to 65 years
How do you apply?

Send us a request through our 'Contact us' page and a MetLife representative will get back to you

Life insurance protection at a low cost

Term Insurance provides high coverage at the lowest costs. The plan offers life coverage up to USD 5 million, allowing your loved ones to meet their financial obligations and more.

Select your term plan

The beauty of term insurance is that it can be tailored to suit your unique needs. In fact, you can choose between 2 different plans:

  • 5-Years Renewable Term - can be converted anytime during the first 10 policy years to a whole life or an endowment plan.
  • Level Term - offers the flexibility to pay a fixed premium over a period ranging from 6 to 25 years.
Coverage starts from USD 16 a month

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