5 Advisors Every Small Business Owner Needs

As a small business owner, your time is precious. Having a circle of experts that provide the right guidance when you need it most can not only help you through the tough times, but also put you on the path to success more quickly.

Consider adding these five important players to your advisor network:

1. A finance whiz — a CPA or other financial advisor that understands your vision, and holds you accountable when it comes to spending so you can reach your goals.

2. A business mentor or coach — someone who has successfully built their own business and has wisdom and experience to share.

3. A benefits expert — a broker who can help you determine when and how to offer benefits to your employees, and provide guidance on the right steps to protect all areas of your business.

4. A legal eagle — an attorney well-versed in your industry, who also supports your vision and company values.

5. A true tech advisor — an expert in all things tech who can share new trends and help you determine what business tools you need, from automating your payroll system to implementing a CRM, and more.