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What is your insurance coverage gap?

Take the below assessment to get an idea of the right coverage you need to protect you and your loved ones from lost income due to illness, accident or loss of life.

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Disclaimer: This calculator is meant to be a directional indication of a basic life requirement based on basic assumptions provided and may not reflect your actual coverage based on your specific needs and circumstances. This should not be considered an in-depth financial analysis, or as financial advice. Speak to your MetLife Representative, investment advisor, or bank representative to further customize a financial plan to support your goals, aspirations and needs.
Subject to MetLife underwriting guidelines & T&Cs.
Confidential and proprietary information.

Income protection is just the beginning

Number of working years is a minimal indicator of the right level of life coverage you require to prepare for the unexpected and ensure your loved ones are secure.  

Below are some of the other important considerations for assessing your required protection coverage

Legacy for loved ones


Retirement income for surviving spouse


Securing child’s education


Paying off outstanding loans / financial obligations


Did you know?

It is recommended to have coverage for 3-5 years of income for disability or Critical Illness?

Saving your life should not cost your life savings

Dealing with a serious injury or illness can be expensive. 

In addition to life coverage, it is recommended to have coverage for 3-5 years of income to protect your savings in case of disability or critical illness.