MetLife updates its Arabic logo to keep up with regional best practices and cultural norms

MetLife’s strong presence in the Gulf dates back over six decades. With over 1 million customers protected, we have been proudly providing the Gulf region’s citizens and residents with products and solutions that deliver more features and fit every customer’s needs. We strongly believe that we have a responsibility towards all our customers to help protect them in their life’s journey and provide them with the confidence to live the life they love.

We take pride in being a brand that understands its customers and values our partners who are always on our side at the forefront of putting the region’s citizens and residents first. With that said, the emancipation of the 21st-century consumer has led to a whole new era of expectations, and as one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, we must uphold our commitment to being customer-focused in everything we do, starting with the first thing the customer sees, our logo.

Countries in the Gulf are strongly committed to preserving and promoting the Arabic language through different programs and initiatives, whether educational or promotional. For example, in the UAE, a committee for Modernization of Arabic Language Teaching was established to protect the Arabic language and reinforce its position among the world’s languages.

Therefore, and in line with our customer-focused strategy and our continuous efforts to support the social, cultural and environmental responsibilities we hold in every region, we have decided to update our logo to a design that is more in keeping up with regional best practices and cultural norms with the Arabic language. In addition, we believe the new updated logo reinstates with the consumer given its aesthetic appearance and the fact that the Arabic writing is on top and has similar dimensions to the English one. The new design also safeguards our global brand identity while it accentuates the brand logo.