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Circles of Protection (1,2,3 and 4)

Accident and disability insurance that pays a lump sum, weekly income and medical expenses.

Protecting your family from life’s unexpected events shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we’ve come up with a set of integrated solutions that allow you to choose just the right level of protection. Get accident and disability insurance with worldwide* coverage(Countries under International Sanction are not covered), and simply customize your plan by adding the benefits that meet your particular needs—such as a regular weekly income for two years if you’re ever unable to work due to disability, or even reimbursement of your medical expenses.

Circle 1: Offers you financial protection for you and your family against accidental death;or total or partial disability. The maximum benefit amount is USD 5 Million.

Circle 2: Accidents can often lead to a temporary, and stressful, inability to work. This benefit helps replace that lost income by giving you up to USD 1,500 aweek from day one of your disability for up to two years.

Circle 3: After any accident, you should focus on recovery instead of your medical bills. By adding this benefit, you’ll get comprehensive coverage of up to USD 50,000 on all necessary medical expenses. It’s our way of ensuring you get the best possible treatment—leading to a healthy, speedy recovery.

Circle 4: Offers weekly hospitalization benefits up to USD 2,000 due to an accident, up to USD 3,000 in case of a heart attack or cancer or up to USD 4,000 if hospitalized when visiting the USA, Canada or Europe. The cover also includes up to USD 50,000 for surgical expenses.

Coverage starts from USD 200 a year (USD 0.55 a day)

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Download the product brochure for Circles of Protections 1, 2, 3 (English / Arabic) and for Circles of Protections 4 (English / Arabic) to explore all the benefits and understand the fine print.

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