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Investor Advantage

The future of wealth protection tailored to your needs

We understand that you have big plans for your future, so you need a solution that allows you to make short-term contributions and reap the benefits once you fulfill your goals, whilst also offering flexibility and choice. Investor Advantage allows you to invest your bonuses, inheritance, profits from other investments or your savings into a wide range of worldwide investment funds and portfolios.

  • Choose the investment strategy that suits your unique goals and risk profile (Conservative, Balanced, Aggressive)
  • Enjoy maximum flexibility and hassle-free investment across multiple markets and asset classes as your money is managed by our global expert fund managers
  • Utilize up to four free partial withdrawals per year (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Protect the ones you love with our life insurance benefit that provides equal to 101% of account value
  • Enhance your protection with the exclusive add-on of Health Cover Abroad, a comprehensive healthcare plan granting access to worldwide specialist care, like never before. Gain treatment outside of the UAE, including medicines, flights and accommodation for you and your chosen companion, translator (as needed), hospitalization and visas, with cover up to USD 2 million per lifetime.

Choose the currency you wish to invest in (USD, GBP or EUR) and select your investment portfolio options strategy to start building on your wealth.

Want to know more? Download the product brochure to explore all the benefits and understand the fine print.

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