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Circles of Protection 1, 2, 3

Financial Support when it’s most needed

Looking after our families is a natural instinct, because we always want the best for the ones we love. With our Circles of Protection 1, 2, 3 you enjoy life and accident insurance. Plus you can tailor the cover you want by simply adding the options that suit you best.

Key benefits you can add

  • A lump sum up to USD 5 million
  • Weekly income up to USD 1,500 for two years if you can’t work due to disability
  • Medical expenses up to UDS 50,000 per accident
  • Worldwide* cover if you move to another country

You can also include your spouse and children in the plan and choose to pay in USD or AED.


Circle 1 offers you the financial protection against Accidental Loss of Life and Permanent Total and Partial Disability. If you add Circle 2 you’ll also get a weekly Accident Disability Income. And by adding Circle 3 you’ll receive coverage for Accident Medical Expense Reimbursement.

For complete peace of mind, you can also add Circle 4 – this gives you a guaranteed cash income for up to 52 weeks should you need to go into hospital for any reason.

Product features

Question Answer
Is it designed to help cover a mortgage?

Financial assistance in the event of accidental loss of life or total or partial disability

Is it designed to provide a lump sum for loved ones?

Circle 1 provides a lump-sum benefit Circles 2 provides weekly benefits Circle 3 provides Medical Expense Reimbursements

Does the amount of coverage stay the same for the duration of the plan?

Coverage can be increased on policy anniversary

Is it designed to have an investment opportunity?
  • No
How long does the coverage last?
  • You decide this
  • More

Renewed annually or, in case of single premiums, available for 3, 5, 7 & 10 years (only for Circles 1 & 3)

Can you put the plan in trust?
  • No
Is terminal illness benefit included?
  • No
Is critical illness coverage included?
  • No
Can you choose the amount of coverage?

- Circle 1: USD 15,000 to USD 5 million - Circle 2: USD 75 to USD 1500 per week - Circle 3: USD 500 to USD 50,000 per accident

Can you increase the amount of coverage during the plan terms?

You may increase the coverage amount on the anniversary of the policy upon a signed request

Can you get joint coverage?

Husband, spouse and children (unlimited)

Are both men and women eligible?
  • Yes
How much will it cost?
  • You decide this
  • More

Minimum premium starts from USD 200 or AED 740

Can I pay in multiple currencies?

Available in USD & AED

What is the age eligibility?
  • You decide this
  • More

From age 18 to age 66 Children can be covered between the ages of 1 to 19 or up to 23 (full time students) under Circles 1 & 3

How do you apply?

Send us a request through our 'Contact us' page and a MetLife representative will get back to you

Customize your accident coverage to suit your requirements

The Circles of Protection 1, 2 & 3 were designed to provide financial protection and assistance in the event of partial or permanent disability or loss of life due to an accident.

Whether you select the basic accidental protection (Circle 1) or add the weekly Accident Disability Income (Circle 2) and / or the Accident Medical Reimbursement (Circle 3), Circles of Protection makes sure that you and your dependents won’t suffer financial hardship should something unfortunate happen.

Enhance your protection further with Circles of Protection 4

The beauty of Circles of Protection 1, 2 & 3 is that it allows you to enhance your accident insurance with a hospital health care coverage (Circle 4).
Through Circle 4, you will be able to guarantee cash payments for up to 52 weeks of hospitalization; thus enabling you to relax and concentrate on getting better knowing that your family is taken care of.

At a glance

  • Circle 1 offers protection against accidental loss of life, permanent disability with guaranteed cash payments up to USD 5 million
  • Circle 2 offers a weekly accident disability income up to USD 1,500 per week for up to two years, replacing lost income if you are unable to work as a result of an accident. This option is only available with Circle 1
  • Circle 3 offers accident medical expense reimbursement up to USD 50,000 per accident. This option is only available with Circle 1
  • Option to include permanent total disability due to sickness (lump-sum) and / or war coverage for protection against accidental death, permanent total disability and accident medical expenses for injury in the event of war (under Circle 1)
  • Worldwide coverage* – we’ll look after you even if you move to another country 
  • Ability to enhance your protection with an accident and sickness in-hospital income coverage: Circles of Protection 4

*Subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Policy


Coverage starts from USD 200 a year

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