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Financial solutions from a company that knows

When you’re looking for employee benefits that will not only help you attract and retain the best workforce, but will also support your business strategy, you need sound financial solutions from a company that:

  • Operates across the globe
  • Is trusted by over 90 million customers
  • Offers a range of products that have been created by global experience and local expertise
  • Has a management team of skilled insurance professionals

Benefits of choosing MetLife

Whichever plans and benefits you decide on to enhance your employees’ packages, you can rely on all this from us:

  • Welcome packs with clear explanations of policy terms
  • Presentations and on-going programmes about the services and coverage we provide
  • Direct billing with over 1,400 medical providers
  • Competitive pricing that balances risk with reward
  • Profit-sharing options on large accounts
  • Case management for large cases

Simple claims procedure

Thanks to our Preferred Providers Organization (PPO) network, claims are very straightforward. If it’s a medical insurance claim, employees simply show their medical card to the medical provider, pay the deductible/co-insurance amount, and we’ll take care of everything else.

All other claims can be submitted to us on forms that you can download from our forms library.

Eligibility and participation requirements

The eligibility and participation requirements vary depending on which group plan you choose. We’ll be delighted to discuss your needs with you.

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